With concerns over the environment hitting an all-time high, people are looking to make their properties more energy efficient, one way to do this is to improve the thermal efficiency of the roof, having a green roof is one way to improve this but Blue roofs are also becoming increasingly popular.

Blue roofs are a revolutionary way to attenuate the release of water into drainage systems, rivers, canals and streams. This is an efficient way to prevent flash flooding as the roof retains the water which is then gradually released at a controlled rate.

A blue roof system is a watertight flat roof but allows the water to drain through multiple layers which controls and regulates the speed that it is distributed down the drainpipes. The top layer is a porous material such as artificial grass, which allows the rainwater to seep through the top layer into an inbuilt drainage and filtration system, thus slowing down the flow of water.

Blue roofs are incredibly popular anywhere that is prone to flash flooding, by controlling the water runoff, the blue roof system allows drainage systems time to take away the excess water without being overloaded.

Blue roofs are ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Office Blocks
  • Distribution Centres
  • Retail Units

Benefits of Blue Roofs

The main benefit of Blue Roofs is that it is a method of flood prevention, it provides the ability to control water flow and prevent potential disasters such as floods taking place. Blue roofs require very little maintenance, and they are self-sustaining. The water that is collected on the roof can be recycled and used for water features etc. Blue roofs are extremely cost effective compared to other forms of flat roofing such as green roofs. Blue roofs help to control the temperature of the building, reducing heating bills significantly. If you are interested in a blue roof for your next project, get in touch with our specialist team now.

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