Freestanding handrails and guardrail systems are a must on certain roof types to eliminate the hazard of falls form height. If working at height are absolutely unavoidable then this is the preferred method of fall protection, as it offers exceptional support, versatility and stability via the use of a counterbalance and due to a flexible framework. This solution of fall protection is suitable for multiple users at any one time and requires very basic working at heights training, making it ideal for regular and long duration maintenance at roof level. Preventing the need for drilling or penetrating the roof membrane, the freestanding handrail system is completely freestanding as no mechanical fasteners are required.

The handrails are weighted at the base and then connected approximately every 4-6metres and mechanically fixed to the wall. All materials used in this system are light weight with the weights at the base often weighing less then 20kg, making each component easy to lift and move to where needed and with little risk of damaging the roof surface. When these benefits are coupled with the advantage of quick installation, this is the most cost-effective rooftop safety system.

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