Hot melt is often described as being robust, durable and a high performance waterproofing system, it is applied as a hot liquid straight to a prepared structural deck, which creates a completely seamless, monolithic layer, it is mainly chosen due to the ease, speed of application and its self-healing properties. Hotmelt is extremely flexible and is designed for flat roofs and structural waterproofing, with the capability to be laid at zero falls, the application of hotmelt as allows for complex detailing to be completed quickly and effectively, following the lines of the building perfectly.

The build up of hotmelt is very simple, it has 2 layers of bituminous rubber system with reinforced fleece between the layers with a protection layer one top, and bonds to a range of materials and surface irregularities.

We are approved installers of the leading Hot Melt Roofing Systems in the UK:

  • IKO
  • Permatec
  • Bauder
  • Bakor
  • Axter Wilotekt
  • Radmat Permaquick
  • OptiTec Ltd OptiBond
  • Siltec
  • Proteus Hot Melt
  • Proteus Cold Melt.

Benefits of Hot Melt

Hot Melt membrane bonds fully to the structure avoiding any chance of water tracking and the membrane also had self-healing properties for minor penetrations. This system is monolithic, meaning there is no risk of lap failure, creating a seamless finish and easily accommodates a range of finishes such as slab walkway and living roofs.

As this system is robust and resistant to impact damage thanks to its tensile strength it is suitable for high traffic area, plant rooms, green roofs etc. Depending on the system, hotmelt can be laid in temperatures down to -10’C so installation can be carried out in winter conditions when roof temperatures will be lower than ground level. Hot melt is well known for its durability and has a life expectancy of up to 50years if maintained correctly.


We offer a range of guarantees from 10-years to 25-years as standard and depending on the manufacturer and system used, we can also provide a manufacturers insurance backed guarantee on materials.

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