Whatever type of roof design – from composite panel sheets to flat membrane roof – there will be a need to safely access all areas of the roof both for cleaning and for regular maintenance tasks. Here at Albany Brent Group, we offer a large range of Safety solutions for working at heights such as, Safety Lines, Abseil points, Raptor Rails and Davit Base Plates & Arms.

Abseil Points

Abseil anchors are designed to be fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide suitable rope access connection points. It is essential when designing rope access to ensure at least 2 different connection points are available to connect to at any one time. There are 2 types of abseil anchors available – abseil brackets and abseil eyebolts. Brackets are supplied in galvanised steel with stainless steel components. Neoprene washers ensure no galvanic reaction can take place. Abseil eyebolts are supplied in stainless steel. Brackets and eyebolts are secured to concrete with resin anchors and to steelwork with stainless steel bolts, washers and vibration proof nuts. When fixing to metal deck or timber deck it may be necessary to provide a backing plate to ensure compliance.

Davit Base Plates & Arms

Davit base plates are designed to be permanently fixed to a structural substrate such as structural steel or concrete to provide a suitable connection point for a removable Davit arm. Davit base plates can be supplied to be used in conjunction with separate abseil rope connection points or can be supplied with suitable abseil eyebolt connections already attached to the base. The Aviator Davit Arm is designed to be removable and to be used together with the permanent Davit base plates. They are designed for lifting and lowering personnel and materials. The hook on the end of the arm allows abseil and lifting ropes to extend over the roof edge or balustrading. The Davit base can also be used to anchor a personnel fall arrest system when the user is being lifted and lowered.

If you require more information regarding how man safe systems can be used safely and effectively on your projects, please get in contact with our specialist health and safety team.

Safety Line

A well-designed static safety line system ensures that all roofing tasks, from simple window cleaning through to air conditioning maintenance, are carried out in total security, the safety line bracket system can be installed on all types of roofs, from flat to up to a 45 degree pitch, of all construction types.

The safety line system is designed to operate as a fall restraint or fall arrest system depending on the layout design.

All systems have built in shock absorbing units in each bracket and are fitted with an inline shock absorber for added protection to both the worker and the roof. In fall arrest mode, the system can be designed for up to 2 or 3 users at any one time and provide unrestricted access along the full length of the system.

Corners and intermediate brackets allow the line shuttle to move smoothly along the full length of the cable between end brackets.

Additionally, the fixing brackets can be colour-coded to match the roof finish and can be PVC or TPO coated, so that roof membranes can be bonded to the post.

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