One of the oldest waterproofing materials, mastic asphalt has definitely stood the test of time, dating back to the 19th Century mastic Asphalt has been modified over the years and is still used today, boasting a carbon zero rating. The versatility and durability of this material as a waterproofing solution is apparent from the numerous surfaces and applications it can be used for, such as Roofing, Flooring, Tanking, Car Parks and Balconies. Asphalting has always been considered a specialist technique in the construction and building industry, largely due to the training required to utilise it, here at Albany Brent Group our Mastic Asphalt gangs consist of high skilled individuals with more than 40 years’ experience in this trade. Laid in molten liquid form mastic asphalt can be hand crafted to form a versatile waterproofing membrane, blocks of mastic asphalt are exposed to extremely high temperatures in a mastic asphalt mixer to allow this system to be easily poured and spread.

What Can Mastic Asphalt be used for?

Tanking – Mastic Asphalt is one of the oldest waterproofing tanking methods, it can be used as an internal tanking method or for external tanking. The application of this system creates a seamless and continuous waterproofing lining, a main example of tanking is basement tanking, this prevents your property from suffering from structural damage, as it prevents water seeping into your property, flooding your basements and causing structural issues. Tanking also reduces the humidity levels in your property, saving you money on your heating bills.

Stairs – Mastic asphalt is extremely versatility, it can withstand high foot traffic making it the perfect waterproofing membrane for steps. When used on steps it waterproofs and protects the original substate, the most popular is stone or concrete steps which may crack and cause water ingress into basements and apartments causing structural damage. When the paving grade mastic asphalt is laid on steps, grit is added to reinforce the membrane but to also make the steps have a traction coat, making them anti-slip.

Flooring – Mastic Asphalt flooring can last longer and outperform all other flooring materials on the market, from small scale flooring projects such as schools and offices, or even large scale projects such as hospital wards, shop floors and factories it is a great waterproofing membrane! It can be laid over many different structural bases such as concrete, metal flooring and timber boarding, due to its high durability, especially when extra grit is added to the mix, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and is the perfect damp proof material thanks to its amazing natural waterproofing properties. if damage did occur to the asphalt floor it can be easily repaired at a low cost and with minimum disruption.

Flat Roofing – Mastic Asphalt can be applied to form a continuous waterproofing covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces. It can be easily molded and worked around pipes, roof lights and other protusions on the roof to provide a completely seam free membrane. Mastic asphalt is extremely versatile and durable, it can be used on warm roofs, cold roofs or inverted roofs and can be laid most types of roof decks such as concrete, timber and profile metal.

Car Parks – Mastic asphalt is one of the leading waterproofing materials for car park waterproofing due to its distinguished waterproofing properties and its durability. Tried and tested mastic asphalt meets all the demands of a modern car park, with the ability to withstand heavy traffic and foot traffic and its proven long life span paired with its straight forward installation makes mastic asphalt an ideal material for car parks. As well as this asphalt is very easy to repair, without much disruption, which makes it the perfect choice for a busy car park.

Paving and Balconies – Due to mastic asphalts waterproofing properties and cost effectiveness it is also suitable for balconies especially as it requires little maintenance. A main use of mastic asphalt on a balcony would be to protect the structure of the building from any leaks or water ingress, once laid by an asphalter the asphalt will either be finished with a coat of solar reflective paint or promenade tiles can be laid over it. If any issues occur to the balcony mastic asphalt is easily repairable by an asphalter, with little disruption.


We offer a range of guarantees from 10-years to 25-years as standard and depending on the manufacturer and system used, we can also provide a manufacturers insurance backed guarantee on materials.

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