The rapid development of more dense urban areas across the UK has created the question, what about outside spaces? If you have access to your flat roof, it can be easily transformed into an outdoor leisure using paving slabs.

These porcelain paving tiles/slabs are lightweight and placed on sturdy pedestals crating a safe and robust ‘floating floor effect’, there are a range of pedestals available for many roof types, sizes, and shapes, as not all roofing projects are the same, our expert team are trained to overcome all obstacles present so you can have your desired outdoor space.

Paving your flat roof is a great way to finish off your flat roof, especially if you have access to the roof, the paving slabs come in a wide variety of different finishes and colours.

Having you accessible flat roof paved has a wide variety of benefits such as adding value to your property.

Benefits of Paving

Adding paving to your flat roof area effectively creates another room/ area of space for you to enjoy. A paved terrace area can increase your quality of life and enjoyment as you have now created an outdoor private space for you to enjoy anyway you wish. Paving slabs are very robust and durable with relatively low maintenance requirements over its lifetime, if any repairs are required the tiles can be easily re-laid.

When looked after a paved flat roof terrace can be very attractive feature of your home and can potentially add considerable value to your property. Paving tile are available in a range of colours and designs meaning you have a wide variety to choose from.

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