Health and safety regulations are a major priority in the construction industry, and there are very controlled and important guidelines surrounding working at heights. If your project requires working at heights, but you are unable to use scaffolding, then there is a range of man safe systems available to overcome this.

One of these systems is a weight mounted system, it does not need to be mechanically fixed to the roof membrane, reducing the possibility of damaging, or penetrating the membrane.

The man safe system is held down by weights 3 times the weight of an operative in each corner of the system, it features a built-in shock absorbing post for added safety and is used for fall arrest and restraint for one worker. This system has been approved for use on many different roof types including concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen and asphalt and is suitable for flat surfaces up to a maximum 5-degree slope and is easy to transport and set up.

If this man safe system is an option for you for your project, then please get in touch with our health and safety team to discuss how we can help you with your project.

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